About us

About us

siteAssets is a small hands on consultancy that is committed to sales focused marketing. We work with private sector, third sector and charity organisations to help them to:

  1. Get more customers;
  2. Reduce costs;
  3. Increase sales;
  4. Attract and increase audience, or membership;
  5. Manage reputation so that the business, or organisation is known for the right things;
  6. Manage social media accounts and all communications.


How we do it

We will look at your market place, and where you sit in it. We don’t waste money on focus groups, or lofty rebrands when very often a face-to-face conversation about what you sell, how you sell it and what your competition are up to, will answer all of the queries we have.

What usually follows is a next steps brief where we look at changes that we can make with minimum disruption or cost to your business. We prioritise changes by revenue, where the changes either save or make the most money.

We do all of this with ethics and values in mind. We have a sophisticated understanding of both, because we know that all of us are judged by what is published about us, online and in print. We are also judged on experience, what we are like to work with, how satisfied our members or customers are after dealing with us. If you work with us on a retainer basis we will keep a watchful eye on what is published about your business for you. As well as writing and publishing content (words and pictures) for you. This means that you can run your business, or organisation safe in the knowledge that we are managing communications for you.


Contact us to discuss how we might help.

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