Excited to be working with The Playground Theatre

A very quick update from siteAssets just to say how very excited we are to be working with London’s newest theatre: The Playground Theatre.

We will be helping to attract new audiences to this amazing theatre which is located off North Pole Road, in Latimer Road W10 on an industrial estate. A big hurrah to British innovation for the theatre owner Peter Tate, co-artistic director Anthony Biggs and exec producer Amanda Waggott for believing that a shed could host performing arts.

Dream of a King – a Martin Luther King Junior biopic is coming up 14-18 January.

UN and Equality Trust sponsored Speaking to Power is running on 19 January. This all day performing arts festival is for the local community, and will be replicated globally.

The Unknown Soldier – a powerful solo performance from writer actor Ross Ericson about a WWI veteran follows 22-27 January.

The Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier

On 26 January Ross Ericson shares another solo performance in Gratiano – his take on what happened after The Merchant of Venice ended, but set in post WWII Italy.

On 26 & 27 January Dictating to the Estate is showing, a staged read through of events that lead to the Grenfell fire.

French theatre presents a charming comedy about Sacha Guitry: Ma Fille et Moi from 28 Jan to 2 Feb at The Playground.

And in a groundbreaking move acclaimed actor/writer Steven Berkoff will be Harvey Weinstein in Harvey 12-18 Feb at The Playground Theatre.

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